France’s National Space Studies Centre (CNES) has just confirmed the creation of the Space’ibles space survey observatory in Lyon.  A public industrial and commercial establishment, the CNES
CNES proposes space policy to France’s public authorities and implements it in five major strategic areas: Ariane, Sciences, Observation, Telecommunications and Defence.

Today, space is relevant to all sectors and an increasing number of them are seeking space-based solutions to societal needs (smart cities, climate change, applications, data etc.). It is to face these new challenges that CNES has launched this new observatory. It has signed a partnership with Lyonbiopôle to lead strategic discussions together.

The idea is to construct a collaborative network whose members hail from a wide range of sectors  such as transport organizations, insurance, energy, agriculture, foresight and geopolitics think-tanks, anthropologists , and even science fiction writers to open the field of possible futures.” says Murielle Lafaye, host of Space’ibles.

Why Lyon?

 “We chose Lyon purposely, because of the advances made in health research here, and also because the Lyon region is not an area where the space and satellite sector is very well represented. We believe that we need to open up to sectors that are outside our traditional scope, such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies or new energies, “says Gilles Rabin, Director of Innovation, Applications and Science. Thus, Lyon will become the symbol of the future of the space sector.

Created in 1961, CNES employs 2500 people and has a budget of 2334 million euros . It divides its activities between 4 centres: Paris Les Halles, Toulouse Space Centre, Launcher Division (Paris-Daumesnil) and the Guyanese Space Centre (Kourou).

Source : Acteurs de l’Economie, La Tribune