BB saison 3

Since October 2014, there has been a veritable rapprochement between Lyon and Boston (United States) and the international start-up program, BigBooster, was organized for the first time in 2016, providing a bridge between Europe and North America through Lyon and Boston.

This program aims to facilitate the international development of young start-ups developing breakthrough innovations in the fields of health, digital, ecological and societal environment or sustainable development. It is the first non-profit international acceleration programme jointly run by two cities in Europe and the USA, and now on 4 continents.

In April 2017, the 4 winners of BigBooster 2 were revealed during Innovation Week in Lyon. Also held during this event were: Biovision international forum, the Internet Showroom of Objects or SIdO,  Lyon’s Industry Exhibition and the BigBooster final. The award-winning start-up InTouch won the jury’s votes, along with FineHeart, Gulplug and Sylfen, which distinguished themselves in their respective categories (Bio & Health, Innovative Tech and Global Impact).

Nicolas Bardi, President of Sylfen, explained: “Being part of the Boston selection was already a huge success for us, it also allowed us to understand the challenges of internationalization.

This Season 3 will have new features. Indeed, BigBooster is encouraging start-ups to cross borders this year by adding two new areas to the program: China and the Middle East and Africa (MEA).



The program lasts 12 months and takes place in 4 stages:

Registration of start-ups and selection of  initial 100 – until 18 September 2017

Booster Camp in Lyon for the 100 selected start-ups, after which 50 start-ups will be selected – November 14-16, 2017

4-month Booster Hub for the 50 start-ups, including partial immersion in the innovation and technology ecosystem, ending with a Demo’ Day to select 25 start-ups – from December 2017 to April 2018

International  Booster Camps: USA, China and Middle East / Africa – from May 2018

The aim of BigBooster is to encourage start-ups to design their project in a comprehensive manner very quickly, with the support of coaches, mentors and experts recognized to deploy internationally and optimally.

The call for applications is now open: if you have a tangible project with a proof of concept or a prototype, an international vision, and you want to accelerate your development thanks to innovation ecosystems, take the plunge and join Season 3 of BigBooster!


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