Onlylight,  the new biennial exhibition entirely devoted to lighting in all its forms, will take place from 13 – 15 June 2017 at Eurexpo. It will cover the entire “light ecosystem” on a regional, international and European scale.

Due to its dynamism and its expertise in lighting, the event will take place in the city of Lyon, a world-famous “city of lights”.

This event brings the lighting industry together, Onlylight combines light innovation with its use, offering an opportunity to:

attend presentations by the sector’s main players,

attend exhibitions of the latest innovations by professionals (manufacturers, lighting designers and architects),

and to discuss new uses in the village, a veritable meeting space.

The Lumière Cluster, a network of expertise in the lighting sector, is leading the three-day conference on the following five themes:

Lighting For Learning – High Schools / Universities / Training Centres,

Lighting For  City Life – Roads, squares, architectural, green spaces, exteriors

Lighting For Work – Tertiary  offices, industry, logistics

Lighting For Sales – Stores, supermarkets, shopping centres

Lighting For Health – Hospitals, Nursing Homes,  clinics.

The aim is also to highlight the importance of new uses of lighting in the context of energy transition, as well as in people’s everyday lives. Onlylight is supported by local authorities:  CCI Lyon Métropole Saint-Etienne Roanne, Grand Lyon Métropole, OnlyLyon, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, and Eurexpo which will work with Atoliis, the chosen operator.