In order to develop cooperation both nationally and internationally, Métropole de Lyon relies on clusters i.e. networks of companies from every sector.

What is a Cluster?!

A cluster is a network of companies that unites SMEs and VSEs that are firmly established locally, often in the same line of production and often with the same expertise. In an internationalised economy, clusters are a way of joining forces to reach markets that would not have been accessible to individual firms. By ‘cluster’, we may also be referring to the structure in charge of the network.

Numerous clusters in Lyon

Aeronautical (Aerospace Cluster)

Health (Institut Analgesia, I-Care)

Nutrition (Nutravita)

Industrial efficiency (E-cluster)

Digital (Auvergne TIC, Clust’R Numérique)

Development and planning in mountain regions (Cluster montagne)

Lighting (Light Cluster – Performance & Innovation)

Robotics (COBOTEAM)

Probiotics (PRI – Pharmabiotic Research Institute)

Eco-industries (E2IA)

The energy performance of buildings (Eco-Energies)

Wood (G.A.B.I – Grappe Auvergne Bois Innovation)

Transport and energy production infrastructures (INDURA, Innovatherm)

Plastics processing (JCEP)

Transport systems (RAAC – Rhône-Alpes Automotive Cluster)


Energy transition (Tenerredis)

Organic products (Organics Cluster)

As well as renowned clusters

13 out of the 61 competitive clusters in France are located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. It is partly thanks to these poles that Lyon ranks as the best French city for entrepreneurs. These include: ViaMeca, Trimatec, Minalogic, Lyon Biopôle, Axelera, Techtera, Imaginove, Céréales Vallée, Elastopôle, LUTB Transport & Mobility Systems, Mont-Blanc Industries, Terralia and Plastipolis. At the heart of this system are small and large companies, but also other more general partners such as public authorities.

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