The highest foreign investors in France are American companies. Companies such as Cisco and Microsoft employ over 400,000 people and create 2 million indirect jobs. But these companies haven’t only created work: they have actively invested in research and development. Investment from American companies represents 16% of investment in the IT sector each year. France is home to over 4000 American companies. 543 feature in the Forbes list. Among them: Walt Disney, IBM, General Electric and United Technologies (Otis) ELECTRICS and UNITED TECHNOLOGIES (Otis).

The French economy seen from an American perspective

Since early 2017, moral among American investors has improved.  In 2015, the recommendation rates of other foreign investors in France plummeted to -62%, causing locally-settled American CEOs to take a pretty bleak view of the economic situation. Today the recommendation rates of foreign investors in France has risen to -51%. 49% of American investors are optimistic about their business development in France over the coming three years.

Terrorist attacks and the election Donald Trump have made zero impact on foreign investment in France.

What attracts foreign investors to France?

For foreign investors, France remains an attractive destination, especially for companies that want to digitize their offer. It is also the no. 1 destination for investors who wish to create and develop production facilities. Furthermore, our country offers great air, rail and road transport facilities, connecting us with other economically attractive countries such as Germany; something Americans appreciate a lot.

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