bubble and drop

Bubble & Drop  is a scientific convention dedicated to foams and emulsions that attracts between 150 and 200 actors, including academic communities, international and industrial scientists.

Conferences, industrial demonstrations, workshops and exchanges are planned during these 5 days, focusing on this theme applying in the fields of chemistry, life sciences as well as nutrition or home care.

The event has been held every two years in different European cities for the past 20 years. This year, it will be held in Lyon for the first time.

Metropole de Lyon was selected because of its wealth of research activities in the chemical and life sciences sectors. Also, because Teclis Scientific deals with the sciences of chemistry, physics and biology in the study of bubble & foam, the company was able to network within this ecosystem, introducing partners and chairing the scientific selection committee for the event’s presentations.

The Cross Sciences association, currently ‘incubated’ by Teclis Scientific, will attend this this 7th edition of the Bubble & Drop at CPE (Lyon’s College of Physical Chemistry & Electronics) from June 26th to 30th.

On the programme, an exceptional forum with speakers of international renown:

Robert V. Farese, Jr., M.D., Harvard and  Tobias C. Walther, Ph.D., Harvard/HHMI, United States
“Droplets in Biology: The Cell Biology of Metabolic Energy Storage”
Dr. Jean-François Argillier, Ph.D. in Physics, IFPEN, France
“Bubbles and drops in upstream oil applications”
Dr. Marta Krasowska, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia
“Bubbles rise and interaction with surfaces: from fundamentals to application”
Dr. Marie-Pierre Krafft, Charles Sadron Institute, Strasbourg, France
“Fluorocarbons, Bubbles and Drops”
Dr. Peter Wierenga, Wageningen University and Research, Wageningen, Netherlands 
“From molecular properties to functional properties: Protein stabilised foams and emulsions”

Harvard professionals will also organise a speed-meeting to recruit students.

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