Lyon boasts over 2000 eateries, including 15 Michelin star restaurants featured in the eponymous 2016 guide. Visitors flock from afar to savor Lyon’s specialties and enjoy the good life at the city’s renowned traditional bouchon restaurants. Lyon’s fame for gastronomy stretches far beyond its borders and is one of the main reasons tourists come to the capital of the Gauls.

Lyon’s gastronomy draws upon top-flight training programs, such as Institut Paul Bocuse in nearby Ecully, as well as events including the International Biennial of Taste and the Bocuse d’Or chef’s competition at the SIRHA International Restaurant and Hospitality Exhibition. As a result, the French Mission for Heritage and Food Culture (MFPCA) decided to create a monument to gastronomy in Lyon in order to promote this rich cultural heritage and cultivate the city’s world-renowned know-how.

Lyon’s Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie will be located at Hôtel-Dieu, which is currently being renovated, and is scheduled to open in 2018. The project will illustrate the relationship between gastronomy and health through an educational circuit, exhibitions and workshops. The 3600 sq. m. facility will be home to a permanent collection and workshops where visitors can taste, touch and smell an endless variety of culinary creations. There will also be an area where various cooking and hospitality professions can demonstrate their techniques and expertise.

Lyon’s International City of  Gastronomy promises to be an interactive cultural experience promoting a sphere that is a cornerstone of the city’s economy and history.

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