After Paris, Lyon is top of the list of economically and culturally dynamic cities. In fact, Lyon is becoming more attractive with each year:

Most attractive city in terms of employment for executives according to an APEC report (2014) thanks to the city’s high quality of life and dynamic economy. The numerous businesses that have set up in Lyon these past few years are further confirmation of this.

Most attractive region (outside of France) for opportunities in entrepreneurship (L’Entreprise-L’Expansion 2016). Lyon supports sectors of excellence; such as life sciences and Cleantech.

France’s #1 economic centre (after Paris), with  firmly established industries  and dynamic businesses. Unemployment in Lyon is 9.5%, inferior to the national rate (INSEE 2016)

France’s #1 centre for health thanks to world renowned companies such as SanofiPasteur and BioMerieux. Vaccine production has reached one billion does/year in Lyon. The biotech sector is a key sector for Lyon as confirmed by  Lyonbiopôle, the competitive cluster devoted to pharmaceutical activities.

Top ‘city break destination’ 2016, Lyon receives over  5.5 million tourists year year (MKG). Lyon has become a must-see destination in Europe. (The Guardian, 2015).

After Paris, Lyon has the best public transport system in France in terms of its quality and the proportion of people using it for their daily commute.  (PWC 2015).

Lyon is the city with the most museums and cinemas (after Paris) (PWC 2015), Lyon is a city of cultural diversity.

The largest urban hub outside of Paris, Lyon has a wide range of industries with first-rate competitive clusters: numérique, Cleantech, Biotech etc.

After Paris, Lyon has the most dynamic digital sector (robotics, programming, big data, etc.). Over 7000 companies in the digital sector are based in the Lyon area. The city supports start-ups in the digital sector via growth  accelerators such as Lyon French Tech.