In 2016, Aderly once again beat its own record, with  110 companies attracted to the Lyon area and supported in their set-up  (a 20% increase over 2015), leading to the creation of 2045 jobs within three years  (+11%). The Agency continues to play a strong role in the local economy, transitioning to a new administrative context and a tough international environment.


Geographic origin of incoming companies

After a rise in foreign direct investment in 2015, the past year saw some decline, with international  projects representing  33% of the total. European companies made up a large part of the incoming investment. Germany ranks  2nd after France, with 9 projects in 2016  (only 4 in 2015).  Next is Italy, with 5 projects, the UK with 3, and Belgium with 2 incoming companies. Further afield, the many international prospecting missions in Asia paid off, with 3 Japanese and 3 Chinese set-ups coming to the area. The United States, after a great 2015 and 9 projects supported by Aderly, declined sharply in 2016, with only 2 projects.  France represented 67% of all incoming companies in the Lyon region in 2016, which confirms the area’s growing attraction for new business, expansions and transfers, well ahead of other French cities.

Sectors of activity

Service-sector  firms represent the largest share, with 36 out of a total 110 projects. Digital technologies accounted for 34 projects in 2016, and is the largest creator of jobs: 723 in 3 years, and an average of 21 jobs per project. The Lyon region’s  2 main sectors of excellence, Life Sciences and Clean Technologies, brought in 10 and 15 projects, respectively, i.e. 23% of all firms assisted by Aderly. Industry still represents a large number of projects, with 11 companies creating 274 jobs within 3 years. And the Agency helped 4 new set-ups in the transportation and logistics sector in 2016, creating 129 jobs in 3 years. (see diagram opposite)

Locations in the Lyon region

In 2016, Aderly’s scope of action was greatly expanded to cover Greater Lyon (now known as Métropole de Lyon), Rhône County, ViennAgglo, Saint-Etienne Métropole, CAPI (Porte de l’Isère) and PIPA (Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Park). The Agency’s figures for 2016 point to the continued high concentration of projects in Greater Lyon   (97 out of 110) and Lyon proper, with 66 out of the 97 projects, is still the clear magnet in the Lyon region. At the same time, the new territories covered by Aderly help complete the picture for companies requiring large tracts of land. Eight prospective companies chose sites in Rhône County, including 3 near Villefranche-sur-Saône which will generate 192 jobs in 3 years. Saint-Etienne Métropole, which joined Aderly’s scope 2 years ago, attracted 3 new projects in 2016, with 55 jobs within 3 years. The Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Park was chosen for a new logistics center.