WAIR is a start-up that has launched the first anti-pollution scarf, which is aesthetic, comfortable and effective, protecting against even the tiniest particles in the air. It is accompanied by an application, SUP’AIRMAN by WAIR, which informs users about air quality, is free of charge and available on all devices. It also makes it possible to find out when and where you are likely to find yourself in a polluted area, so that you know whether or not you should wear your WAIR scarf, or change your route.

Created in Paris in 2014, WAIR chose to set up in Lyon in April 2017 after it was selected as a finalist during Big Booster. Aderly helped the company to set up in the area. Wair is also supported by Lyon Metropole Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Novacité programme.

In order to finalise the design of its antipollution mask, to make it more comfortable, easier to use and more adaptable to all face types, WAIR has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule. The masks must meet EN149 and FFP2 norms, which means: that 92% of the air inhaled must be 99% filtered. WAIR uses a multi-layer filter, which stops micro particles up to PM 0.1μm, pollen, gas and bacteria from getting through. The campaign should make it possible to launch initial production, but also to fund new laboratory tests that will testify to the products’ efficiency.

The €15, 000 mark was reached by mid-November, and if the funding continues, the company will be well-positioned to approach institutional investors to increase their production output, improve the product, create a second version with a connected active filter box, and to internationalise! The connected version will be presented during CES Las Vegas in January 2017.