The Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Aderly (itself a member of the chamber) have organised for a delegation of 13 companies from Rhineland-Palatinate to visit Lyon on 30 November and 1 December.

The companies cover a wide range of activities: electro technical, measuring instruments, wine production, aluminium parts, wooden flooring and tertiary sector services.

The aim is to network and to establish a first contact with potential business partners in France. 2 days of visits and meetings are planned with potential business partners for each company.

>>> If you would like to join the visit, contact Sophie Cabotte on +33 (0) 1 40 58 35 80 or by e-mail at  scabotte@francoallemand.com.

List of companies present in Lyon


1. Adam

Law firm and fiscal consultant specialised in accompanying foreign companies in Germany (paying employees, sales agents, tax representation etc.).

2. Apra Norm

Manufacturer of plastic, steel and stainless steel and aluminium casing to house electronic systems, for banks, builders of hi-tech measuring technique machines, control and command, medical and circulation techniques and telecommunications.

3. Berger Seidle

Manufacturer of lacquers, oils, cleaning products and eco-friendly glue for flooring.

4. Berger Lacke

Manufacturer of special eco-friendly paint for priming and coating wood, metal and plastic.

5. Energie Südwest Projektentwicklung
Service provider in renewable energies, heating contracts, urban heating, solar thermal and photovoltaic power as well as wind power.

6. Buchhaltungsservice Gebhardt

Business creation and management consultants.

7. Domaine Hambacher Freiheit

Wine grower/producer

8. ISB

Rhineland-Palatinate Investment Bank : business loans, mergers and acquisitions.

9. Kunz
Components manufacturer for high current installations: expansion joints, connection bars and special components.

10. Premosys

Developer of optic measuring instruments that make it possible to control the quality of products, such as colour recognition systems for the agri-foods industry.

11. Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism Office
The ideal destination for nature lovers and culture vultures as well as foodies and wine enthusiasts.

12. Think Gruppe

Investment consultants. Supporting French companies that wish to invest in Germany. Advising on judicial liquidation transfer of companies. Fluency in French.

13. Wagner Energietechnik

Heating, clean water and air conditioning installations.