Xilam chose Lyon as the new location for part of its production and opened a new studio which will. The company established itself at the Pixel centre (Pôle Pixel) in Villeurbanne, which is dedicated to images and the creative industries, home to over 100 companies within the sector, and helpful to make the industry more competitive.

Can you tell us a little about your company, Xilam?

Xilam is a company that is about twenty years old now, and which is specialised in the field of animation, for films, television and all sorts of digital platforms, and we cover every area of animation, from design to production and distribution.

Why did you choose the Lyon region for this project?

We chose Lyon because we wanted to relocate to France some of the work that we had been doing in Asia. The first reason is to find an employment base, an existing array of talent, and Rhône-Alpes is very well known for that. Next, a training ecosystem, to work with schools, particularly with the Emile Cohl School. The area also attracts talent, especially for a certain number of executives: to come from Paris, they have to want to settle down in this region, with their families, for a long time. Finally, of course, the various types of support that are available in the Rhône-Alpes region: Imaginove and a certain number of similar structures.

How did Aderly help with set-up?

As soon as we expressed this wish, Aderly met with us very quickly, introducing us to all of the people we needed to meet, and, more importantly, coordinating all the work between these people, to help us make progress, get answers quickly and structure the project well, so that the move could be made on the schedule we wanted to keep. It all went outstandingly well.

We are going to join the Pixel cluster, which really impressed us, because it is a sort of melting pot of new technologies, and so it is helping us collaborate with quite a few other businesses, on-site.

Can you tell us about the investment project?

We are going to start with two Xilam productions, one called Paprika, which is for France 5, and another for the second season of Magic, a successful production for the Gulli channel. These two series represent an investment of 4.5 million euros over the next few years, i.e. for 70 people.

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