MaaT Pharma is developing the first safe, standardised solution for intestinal microbiota autologous transplants aiming to prevent and treat dysbiosis associated with certain infections in patients receiving a high dose of antibiotics. The company moved into an L20 laboratory at Accinov.

Can you tell us a little about your company, MaaT Pharma?

MaaT Pharma was created to treat intestinal dysbiosis i.e. an imbalance of intestinal flora, which manifests itself as a digestive disorder and nosocomial illnesses. Our main objective is to provide new solutions to patients who are suffering with this type of pathology.

Our solution is a world first because it is completely autologous, which means that we produce the medicine from the individual’s own intestinal flora. Also, we have launched the first GMP (good manufacturing practices) laboratory in Europe at Accinov to produce this kind of solution.

How did Aderly help with set-up?

Aderly helped me set up the company right from the start. At that time, I needed office space and staff, and it assisted me with that. Today, it continues to help us, especially in growing the company. We have many open positions, so Aderly’s helping with recruitment and bringing people back to Rhône-Alpes who may be in other regions of France.

Why did you choose the Lyon region for this project?

My decision to set up in Lyon was logical. We have centralised everything here in Lyon’s Biodistrict at Accinov, including our clinics’ production laboratories and our administrative teams.

More information about business establishment in Lyon, contact us !