Alma Bio Therapeutics

Alma Bio Therapeutics, a company that Aderly helped to set up in Lyon 2013, is continuing its development. A member of Lyonbiopôle, the company is hosted by accelerator Accinov and it is one of the pioneers of the “post-biological” generation. It fights auto-immune diseases through the re-education of the immune system, thanks to a new type of treatment that does so without affecting the latter’s normal functioning. This new family of medication treats the cause of these illnesses, rather than the symptoms by using the immunes system’s regulating molecules.

In early June 2016, Alma Bio Therapeutics was one of the 110 candidates selected to take part in phase 2 of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge 2030. The aim of this second edition of the challenge, launched last September, is to finalize the innovations considered to be critical and key for development in France. These innovations are divided into 8 objectives:

  • Energy storage
  • The collection, sorting and recycling of materials
  • The development of marine resources, metals and the desalination of sea water,
  • The development of plant-based and protein-rich food, phyto-chemistry aimed at developing new materials,
  • Personalised medicine, personalised therapeutic treatments, for example genomics, medical apparatus and high-resolution imaging,
  • Economics, meeting the needs of senior citizens
  • Big data, improving its use and defining new uses, analytical models and promotion.
  • Innovative projects concerning public safety and guarding against threats.

Alma Bio Therapeutics has been selected in the Personalised Medicine category for its “PEM4IBD” project” i.e. “Personalised Medicine for inflammatory diseases of the intestine.” The challenge includes three phases: seed, venture capital, and development. Currently in the second phase of the challenge, the company’s aim is to maximise the therapeutic effects and therefore stand out as champion in its category. The result will depend on Alma Bio Therapeutics’ parallel research into the modulation of immune response.