Bigpoint is a German company, founded in 2002, specialized in developing and publishing online video games. A world leader in its field, Bigpoint currently has over 350 million players in 200 countries. In 2014, Bigpoint acquired Lyon’s Little Worlds Studio, and chose to make it the company’s Mobile Games Hub for Europe. Initially composed of 13 employees, Bigpoint Lyon today has 30 staff members and plans to hire 80 more within 2 years.

In order to continue our strategy, we were looking for a third avenue of development alongside our centers in Hamburg and Berlin,” explains Bigpoint CEO Khaled Helioui. “We had begun talks with various regions (Canada, the Middle East and Asia) before meeting the team at Little Worlds Studio, and their passion, work culture and desire to make an impact on our industry, as well as the quality of Lyon’s creative and digital ecosystem, convinced us to acquire and invest in the studio, in order to set up a mobile games development hub.”

“After a year and a half,” he continues, “we have more than doubled the studio’s workforce, which now stands at 30, recruiting experts from Disney, Dreamworks, Ubisoft and Gameloft in the process. We have launched a new game, Hocus Puzzle, which already has over a million players and was selected by the editorial staff at Apple and Google during our global launch at the beginning of June. We have also begun a second development project that has already received a subsidy from CNC and we are just about to set up a third team. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the way the studio has grown and we are determined to both continue our investments and contribute to the local ecosystem.”

Launched worldwide on 28 May 2016 and fully designed and developed by the team at Bigpoint Lyon, Hocus Puzzle is a puzzle game that follows the adventures of Serena, who embarks upon a bewitching journey to defeat the evil spirit that has dried up the magical river. The game, which targets a broad audience, requires players to connect magic potions and cast spells.