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After several stages in the selection process, first in Lyon and then in Boston, Big Booster, the development accelerator for international startups with innovative projects, has finally named its winners.

Launched at Biovision 2015, the World Life Sciences Forum, the final of the first Big Booster competition took place there, before the last panel of judges on Thursday 14 April at the Lyon Convention Centre. The objective is to jump-start the development of innovative international startups on various markets. Indeed, the competition enabled the project developers to enhance their skills on an international scale, defend their projects in front of experts and decision-makers and expand their networks within their sectors, in partnership with the ecosystem of Boston. Out of the 463 applications received last spring, 10 startups pitched their projects last Thursday.

Finally, Diabeloop, Neolys Diagnostics and Echy will share the award: a check of €100,000 for their development.

  • Echy, 3rd place: this company has developed technology using optical fiber to capture sunlight and use it for indoor lighting.
  • Neolys Diagnostics, 2nd place: in Lyon, this firm developed a battery of tests for measuring the intensity of the side effects of radiation therapy.
  • Diabeloop, 1st place: this company offers the first French artificial pancreas, developed in Grenoble. This pancreas enables “closed-loop” insulin therapy, which reduces nocturnal hypoglycemia and improves average blood sugar levels.

The 7 other startups have come out winners too. By facing the various panels and going through boot camp, they stepped up their game and networked. These high-potential companies truly have a great future ahead of them.

After announcing the panel’s verdict, Big Booster already launched its second competition, which will be taking applications until 18 September 2016!

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