Skyline de Lyon 09_2015

With 240 stores in a 127,000 sq. m. complex, the Lyon Part-Dieu shopping mall welcomed 34 million visitors in 2015. Yet, its ambition goes further and the center is today slated for a major remodeling project, with investments estimated at € 330 million. With 660 jobs created for the construction work and an additional 880 anticipated for operation of the new shopping area, the shopping mall is expected to draw 40 million visitors annually upon completion of the project, scheduled for 2020.

According to Lyon Mayor Gérard Collomb, the project aims to open the space onto the outside area, in terms of both form and content, so that it is no longer a barrier between the train station and the city center, to reconnect this neighborhood. With improved pedestrian areas, namely in order to facilitate the east-west flow of traffic between the station and rue Garibaldi, the project will make it easier to go from the station towards the city center /peninsula.

This redevelopment project, orchestrated by Dutch architect Winy Mass, plans for a 32,000 sq. m. extension along boulevard Vivier Merle and rue du Docteur-Bouchut. The roof of the shopping mall, which is currently a parking lot, will also be redeveloped and dedicated to leisure and dining, and will feature the creation of a new cinema complex (the existing UGC theater will be transferred and extended by 2,400 to 3,200 seats) and 80 new stores, as well as public area with abundant greenery – a cross between a square and a park – where people can spend time and enjoy a panoramic view of Fourvière.

The construction work, which will run from 2017 to 2020, is really part of a major project to remodel the entire neighborhood, which stretches over 4 areas. Indeed, Lyon Part-Dieu, serviced by a wide variety of transportation that links the Capital of the Gauls to other cities in France and abroad, is now considered as a truly strategic district, France’s second-largest service-sector hub after Paris-La Défense. The project seeks to go further: to offer companies with a  prestigious address, as well as a wide range of logistics services and offices that are easily accessible, while enabling firms and city-dwellers to live side by side.

To do this, an estimated €2.5 billion investment will be used to ramp up the capacity of the multi-modal platform located under the train station, to increase the amount of office space (bringing it to 1.7 million sq. m.) and number of housing units, and to expand the range of public transport solutions. According to Lyon Metropole, the project could potentially create 40,000 additional jobs between now and 2030.