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Hikari (‘light’ in Japanese) the mixed-use, positive energy unit by Bouygues Immobilier and by Toshiba was inaugurated on 17 September in Lyon-Confluence. This project was born of a partnership between Lyon Metropole and Nedo, the Japanese public agency that supports innovation in renewable energies and environmental and industrial technologies.

  • Hikari is:  A 12,800 sq. m unit that consists of three mixed-use buildings: offices, shops and housing.
  • An internationally renowned avant-garde Japanese artist: Kengo Kuma.
  • An architectural ensemble that is very contemporary and inspired by nature and the transposition of light and transparency.
  • A completely autonomous unit in terms of energy: the first in France. In other words, over the course of one year it produces more energy than it consumes thanks to its vegetable-oil fuelled cogeneration plant and photovoltaic panels.
  • It also boasts a fleet of self-service electric vehicles.

With Hikari, Lyon-Confluence has entered into a new phase of experimentation in Greentech and sustainable development. This also marks the beginning of a new phase in its goal to offer solutions for the city of tomorrow, particularly through its global project Lyon Smart Community.

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