Cluster Rhône-Alpes_ Eco-Energies

On 7 September 2015, the Rhône-Alpes Eco-Energies cluster will hold the grand opening of its new premises located in Lyon-Confluence. By choosing this neighborhood, the cluster is setting up in the heart of a testing ground in the field of energy efficiency.

The Rhône-Alpes Eco-Energies cluster is France’s 1st cluster in the field of building energy performance. Founded at the initiative of the Rhône-Alpes Region in 2006, it has created a network of professionals composed of over 800 players from the public and private sectors, including 200 members, that have joined forces to meet a shared aim: to build, renovate and operate buildings that are eco-friendly and consume less energy.

The initiative focuses on innovation and is a stakeholder in the Rhône-Alpes Regional Innovation Strategy, actively involved in the field of “energy-efficient smart buildings.”

The Eco-Energies cluster contributes to local economic development in several ways: it brings complementary skills together in a network, and offers services such as the opportunity to take part in international exhibitions and support for innovative and/or collaborative projects.

According to Sylvain Braine, President of Rhône-Alpes Eco-Energies, cluster member companies can benefit from the energy transition law.Building energy performance and renewable energy sources have been identified in the broad principles of this proposed law,” says Braine. “This shows that the issues the cluster has been working on for the past seven years are perfectly in line with the needs of the market and of society as a whole.”