Since 2012, 25,000 households and nearly 100 companies and local authorities have been testing intelligent solutions as part of a unique project in Europe called Smart Electric Lyon. The experiment will end in June 2017, making way for large-scale rollout of the program and thus meeting Lyon Metropole’s Smart City aims.

Smart Electric Lyon is a project that gives customer-consumers an active role in developing tomorrow’s energy solutions, offering them the chance to test a range of innovative services and equipment designed to improve user comfort and curb energy expenditure.

After more than a year of experimentation, the test households have really become more aware of how much energy they consume,” commented the director of EDF Commerce. “In all, the decrease in energy consumption recorded over a year at the 25,000 test households is equivalent to the amount of energy consumed by 300 housing units.”

Coordinated by EDF SA, Smart Electric Lyon brings together 21 partners: 15 industrial partners from the electricity and telecoms sectors (EDF, Schneider Electric, Orange and others.) and 6 public partners (Lyon Metropole, the University of Lyon and others) that joined forces in order to answer a call for projects by the Environment and Water Management Agency (ADEME) in the field of smart grids.

Smart Electric Lyon began by testing the Linky intelligent meter within the Lyon Metropole territory. Developed by ERDF, this meter was designed to make consumers’ lives easier: it can receive and send data without the need for a technician. Tested in Lyon between 2009 and 2011, Linky will be installed in homes starting at the end of 2015, with the aim of replacing up to 90% of the old meters.

The result of close working relationships between the private and public spheres, Smart Electric Lyon illustrates local players’ strong commitment to developing intelligent solutions for the long term in the Lyon area.