SPP Pumps, a British company owned by Indian Group Kirloskar Brothers Ltd, specialises in the manufacture of centrifugal pumps and systems. It provides its services to a wide range of industries: oil and petroleum production, airports, hotels, water and waste water treatment, construction, mining companies and major industrial groups.

SPP Pumps currently employs 300 people around the world, (UK, U.S.A, South Africa, Singapore and Dubai) and has a sales figure of 180 million euros.

Set up in France in 1997 via its subsidiary SPP France, the company manufactures, markets and maintains centrifugal pump units in various market niches. SPP France benefits from SPP’s position as world leader in fireguarding equipment and markets the widest range of UL/FM, NFPA, EN or APSAD-approved pumps for use in all types of buildings (hotels, factories,warehouses etc.).

In 2015, SPP Pumps decided to establish its market presence in Lyon, then to set up – in the medium term – its French head office, which is currently based in Paris. The establishment of this sales agency in Lyon, in order to develop a client base in the Rhône-Alpes region, should create 12 people by 2018, without the future head office.

Aderly helped SPP Pumps to set up in Lyon. In particular, it helped them to find premises adapted to their activity and to recruit their new team. Two positions have already been filled thanks to Aderly: a diesel pump maintenance technician and a sales agent. “Aderly had a double objective: to meet the company’s need for skill, which can be hard to find due to its specificity and to attract professionals -that were already employed in the Paris area- to Lyon. These individuals also benefited from Aderly’s Mobilité ser vice during their move to Lyon” explained Marie-Pierre Gottwald,Human Resources Consultant, Aderly.