The global leader in energy and automation technologies, the Swiss corporation ABB has chosen to make the French market one of its development priorities. Indeed, every year, it invests more than 11 million euros in France out of a total of one billion worldwide.

After a 10% increase in sales in France in 2014 (sales of 760 million including 40% in exports), the group plans to accelerate this growth even further, by doubling sales within 5 years.

ABB helps its clients achieve greater efficiency while reducing the impact their activities have on the environment. The company supplies many industrial firms with a diversified offering: LED lightbulbs, industrial robots, software and components for wind turbines, and more.

ABB has 5 R&D centers and 6 plants in France to design its products. One of the main plants, located in Chassieu near Lyon, has 400 employees out of 2,000 total in France.

In 4 years, 19 million euros were invested, particularly in the acquisition of a more efficient robot, which has helped bring down the cost of making products. According to Nicolas Formisyn, Operations Manager at ABB France: “the plant is ready to ramp up”.

ABB Group operates in about 100 countries and employs some 140,000 people around the world. It reported sales of 41.5 billion dollars last year.