Boiron is making a new investment to double the production capacity of its main facility.

Founded in 1932, Boiron is a French company, the global leader in homeopathic medicine. It now has 4 production laboratories, about 80 distribution facilities (30 in France and 50 internationally) and 19 subsidiaries around the world.

Boiron has just bought a 15 hectare-plot of land in Messimy, across the street from its headquarters. Construction of 15,000 sq. meters of new buildings should begin in January 2016.

Initiated in 2009, the project will ease crowding at the current facility, which will soon be saturated with production and inspection activities. By 2017, the Production and Support Departments and Headquarters will be consolidated at the same site.

Boiron’s second location in the Lyon area, in Sainte-Foy-Lès-Lyon, should be closed. Its activities will be transferred to Messimy, which will then be responsible for 80% of the company’s production volume.