Bluestar Silicones is going to invest 15 million euros in its historic site in Saint-Fons, near Lyon, in Chemical Valley, in order to expand its production of elastomers. Construction should be completed by summer 2016.

Investments were already made in 2011 for the creation of a new resin production unit in Saint-Fons. Bluestar Silicones would now like to expand and modernize its elastomer production capacity in order to be more competitive. The project includes the creation of additional R&D facilities, in order to meet the increasing requirements of clients. New resources should also be added in marketing as well.

Founded in 2007 after the buyout of Rhodia’s silicone division by Bluestar, a subsidiary of Chem China, Bluestar Silicones is the largest Chinese investment in Europe to date (over 1.2 billion euros).

Bluestar Silicones specializes in the chemical industry and the manufacture of plastic materials, including silicone, in which it is the global leader. The firm offers products such as anti-adherents, elastomers, fluids, emulsions and resins, for use in healthcare, aeronautics, the automotive industry and construction.

The company has production sites in the US, Brazil, China and Europe. It is also present in the Lyon region: its operational global headquarters, as well as its R&D center, are located in Lyon, close to its two sites in Roussillon and Saint-Fons, located in Rhône-Alpes. The group currently employs 800 people in Rhône-Alpes and 1,900 in France. In 2014, it sales reached 500 million euros.