The European Centre of Dermocosmetology will be present on the Ubifrance stand, accompanied by Aderly, during the In-Cosmetics Exhibition which will take place on 14-16 April 2015 in Barcelona.

In-Cosmetics is one of the biggest international exhibitions devoted to cosmetics. It takes place in a different European venue each year and brings together specialists from around the world. Actors from the cosmetics industry take advantage of this event and its international reach to present ingredients, products and innovative technologies to professionals attending the event.

The CED, a professional association and major actor in dermocosmetology will run a round table this year, along with Premium Beauty News, on Thursday 16 April from 2.15pm to 3pm. During this roundtable, the theme of: Latest advancements of in vitro evaluation of cosmetics – from regulatory compliance of ingredients to finish products claims” will be discussed. This exchange will focus on three central themes: what are the alternative methods that make it possible to estimate the sensitisation potential of raw materials? What recent innovations have been made in vitro? What in vitro tests could support innovation and justify product claims?

Located in Lyon, the CED is a recognised centre of expertise that actively supports innovation in dermocosmetology. The centre was founded in 1962 by three key figures of French scientific research and the cosmetics industry: H.M.Gattefossé, J.Cotte and H.Thiers. Above all, its goal is to provide a place for exchanging and sharing knowledge. In particular, it supports research projects and promotes interdisciplinary research projects; it facilitates relations between researchers and industrial actors, organises training sessions and creates links with other French or foreign professional associations.


Dermocosmetology in Lyon:
• 15 billion euros in 2012
• Lyon: #1 in France for tissue engineering
• 250 researchers