Europe’s largest supplier of Regulatory Affairs services for Agro-Chemicals, Biocides, Industrial Chemicals, REACH, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices – Dr Knoell Consult of Germany – has made a positive move into France by the creation of the new subsidiary “Knoell France” in Lyon.

Knoell France was established at the beginning of November 2014 in Lyon Vaise as a wholly owned subsidiary. Lyon, and the Rhône Alpes Region, was chosen as it is one of the most important centres for the pharmaceutical, chemical and agrochemical industries in France with many of the group’s potential and existing clients having offices in and around the city. The French subsidiary will complement a group structure that already counts 460 employees in ten countries worldwide, including the US, China and South-East Asia. Our goal is to establish regulatory expertise in France from which we can develop and expand in response to the specific requirements of French companies and international companies with operations in France.

Greater Lyon has ambitions to become a centre of excellence in the fields of chemistry and the environment, two of knoell’s founding areas or business, and so with the many advantages that the city offers to new enterprises it was a natural choice of location. With the invaluable help of ERAI and Aderly in finding offices and recruiting staff the knoell group is confident of the future of the Knoell France venture.