EMLyon Business School, founded in 1872 in Lyon, and IBM, the American information technology giant, are about to join forces and pool their expertise to revolutionise learning methods. This is a world first in higher education!

Christened a Smart Business School, this new educational eco-system is based on IBM making all of its solutions available, including cloud infrastructures, pedagogical and technological supports, big data expertise and research resources that represent a budget of 6 billion dollars each year. Thus, EMLyon can offer its students completely personalised content and a framework, wherever they are in the world and no matter what stage they’re at in their careers. IBM’s interactive, mobile and collaborative technology will make it possible, among other things, to constantly develop its programmes and content according to the students’ expectations.

These secure collaborative spaces, or virtual campuses will be accessible to all EMLyon graduates i.e. 20,000 former students, teachers and partner companies, but also future candidates of preparatory classes.

The total cost of investment this project is 20 millions euros, and it will be implemented within the next 5 years across all campus sites in Lyon, Geneva, Shanghai and soon Morocco. With this union, EMLyon will boost its international dynamic and triple its number of students.