With support from Greater Lyon and Syrobo (French Federation of Robotics), the CPE Lyon (Higher School of Physics, Chemistry & Electronics) won third place on the podium for the “robocup@work” category at the Robocup 2014 competition in Brazil.

The Robocup is the world’s most hotly-anticipated robotics event. Every year, a country organises the competition around a central theme and there are a number of events based on three main areas: robocup@work (the future robot that will revolutionise production), robocup@home (the robot companion who will help us with daily tasks) and robot@rescue (designed to help people in distress).

This year, the event brought together 5000 participants for the theme of football (organised in the town of João Pessoa in Brazil) where the robots battled it out on a giant football pitch set up for the final competition.

The CPE Lyon was competing for the first time and had spent three years training and researching service robotics to come up with Youbot, a mobile platform with an industrial arm attachment.

Their third place position in a global competition shows that Lyon has achieved a high level as a European centre of innovation for the robotics market.