Greater Lyon and partners are launching a call for projects aimed at the industrial sector and commercial real estate operators in order to host new activities in the “Chemical Valley”  area of Lyon: “Call of 30!”


Organised by Greater Lyon, this project brings together 30 actors from the private and public sectors that are committed to an ambitious development plan for Chemical Valley. The “Call of 30!” has been launched. The objective of this call for projects is to develop new diversified and integrated activity hubs around the chemistryenergy  and environment sectors. The end goal is the economic regeneration of Chemical Valley as well as its urban renewal.

So what’s the ambition of the “Call of 30!”? To create 300 jobs within 3 years on the site, which is situated at the southern entrance to Lyon. Birthplace of the region’s chemical industry and generating a rich industrial ecosystem, Chemical Valley is faced with certain problems (technological risks and soil pollution) and therefore requires a strong push to ensure its transformation. The dynamic partnership of the Call for 30! offers complementary solutions, facilitating the installation of new activities through support (regulatory, engineering, financial) and the creation of new synergies between the actors concerned.


For candidates, the Call for 30! offers a unique opportunity to take part in the co-construction of new integrated activity hubs structured around the chemistry-energy-environment sectors – sectors which are already well- represented in the industrial ecosystem of Chemical Valley, with 6,000 jobs, including 2,000 researchers.


Industrialists and operators from the commercial real-estate sector, you have until the 30th October to register your interest! The deadline for project proposals is the 1st January 2015.