Established since May 2014 in the Tour Suisse in Lyon, OVH, a European leader webhosting, is bolstering its presence in Lyon by developing partnerships with major players in the local and regional economy.

To pursue its development, OVH will be increasing its staff with 50 new people by 2016 and plans to create partnerships in the sector of new technologies, including with engineering schools. The aim is to participate in the training of talent for the future, by introducing students to current innovative solutions, and by offering them internships and jobs.

Choosing Lyon was a strategic move, in terms of location and the economy, in line with the growth of the company, as Yoann Sauron, head of the Lyon office explains:
“Lyon is a powerful economic center not only in France, but also in Europe. Our aim at OVH City Lyon is to build close connections with local businesses, in particular to help them integrate their information systems with the sovereign cloud of OVH. Our IT architects and DevOps engineers are specialized in working with key accounts and they benefit from the entire knowledge bank of OVH to advise entrepreneurs. OVH City Lyon offers all of the OVH technologies to major players in the Lyon region’s economy.”

Having a strong base in Lyon, in the Part-Dieu business district, offers OVH a real opportunity to gain market share in the region while continuing to build its position as Europe an leader.