A study by M2ocity (subsidiary of Veolia and Orange)published on July 3rd, called “City of Tomorrow 2014” ranks Lyon in first place ahead of Lille and Nantes.

This study surveyed the top 50 so-called smart cities, working on different projects in 8 areas of local action for sustainable urban development, a source of inspiration to imagine the city of the future.

The criteria include: the city’s vision of the sustainable city, the quality of life, telecom infrastructures, energy control, water management, smart buildings, sustainable mobility and waste management.

Lyon was thus designated the smartest city in France, in recognition of its investment and involvement in the notion of a smart city, initiating innovative projects to improve the quality of life and the design and optimization of everyday amenities.

Lyon has successfully set up various experiments to create services and foster innovative practices in sectors such as the clean technologies and the new information and communication technologies (NTIC).