Bigpoint, a developer and publisher of online video games, has just created a company in Lyon to develop mobile games in France.
The initial production team of 13 people joined Bigpoint Lyon following the acquisition of the mobile game company Little Worlds Studio on July 15th. Little Worlds Studio boasts extensive international experience in developing and launching mobile games, including Color Cross Online and Mana Crusher.
According to Khaled Helioui, “This acquisition is part of a general strategy to develop our business in the casual gaming segment and, to a certain extent, the mid-core segment, moving towards mobile games, thanks to a new specialized studio in Lyon which we plan to expand in the coming months.”
In the past nine years, Little Worlds Studio has developed more than 70 games of various types for iPhone, iPad, Android and other platforms.
The team has worked for a range of big-name global video developers, using the most advanced programming languages and technologies. At Bigpoint Lyon, the team will continue to develop the current online games of Little Worlds Studio and will also begin producing innovative mobile games for Bigpoint.