The Novasep Group (sales: €315M), employing 1,200 people in the local area, is taking a decisive step in its general strategy, by choosing to set its anchor a bit more firmly in Lyon.
Specializing in the production of purification technologies for the food and biopharmaceutical markets, the entire strategy division of Novasep (more than 30 people) will set up its offices in the Lyon-Gerland Biodistrict.

Lyon, a metropolis decidedly oriented towards the optimization of the biotechnologies, represents for this company a great opportunity to develop its portfolio of clients: “For us, it makes more sense to be in a city where the ecosystem is focused on biotech […]” says Michel Sagnol (CEO of Novasep).
The position of the city as a European crossroads also convinced the management of Novasep in this process: “from a logistical point of view, it is also simpler to get to Asia from Lyon, thanks to the Emirates flight” explains Michel Sagnol (CEO of Novasep).

Indeed, for a group with nearly 90% of its operations outside of France, the argument was persuasive.
The strategy of Novasep, called “Back to Basics”, is based on 4 areas of focus:

    – Winning over new target markets
– Developing the services it offers
– Investing in R&D
– Innovating in the group’s core businesses

Thus, this new orientation at the heart of an attractive and innovative city such as Lyon, should boost the group’s growth.