I-TEN is a start-up from Lyon that is developing an  innovative ultra-thin micro-battery technology as a replacement for button cell batteries.


The company spent four years working with researchers from ENS Lyon and the CNRS of the University of Bourgogne in order to develop this innovative solution, which has now been validated by the laboratory and protected by eight patents.


In order to bring the innovation from the laboratory stage through to development of the first industrial mini-series, I-TEN has just secured 3.2 million Euros in funding.


In fact, the young company is planning to get the product on the market within two years. Large international industrial companies are already interested in this compact micro-battery which can store 10 times as much energy as existing battery technology, and is rechargeable and completely autonomous for 15 to 20 years.


Energy storage is a critical challenge for the electronics industry and has been pushed forward by the growing strength of the digital  sector, which should open up the field to new applications. I-TEN is a start-up that was created in 2011 and incubated at Crealys.

The company now employs 15 staff members.