The Lyon company Cityzen Sciences is launching the D-shirt, a T-shirt connected to smartphones, equipped with sensors capable of real-time measurement and communication of a person’s physical performance during sports activity.

This brand new item won the 2014 Prize for digital technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show on April 10th in Las Vegas, in the category of connected device innovation.

The D-shirt will start selling in November on the website of Cityzen and at the 125 shops of Cyclelab, a cycling specialist chain store.

Cityzen Sciences is a young company, established in 2008 in the Part-Dieu district, specialized in designing connected textiles for athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to measure their performance. Cityzen Sciences’ research budget is €18 million for the period 2012-2016.

The company is also doing pilot studies for an industrial textile project known as Smart Sensing, conducted by a group of companies with support from BPI France (a public investment bank).

The aim of Smart Sensing is to create, design and develop the French industry for connected clothing with applications in professional and amateur sports.

Cityzen Sciences has proven its ability to build strong industrial partnerships with groups such as Payen, specializing in elastic materials for sports and technical usages, based in Ardèche County.

Citizen Sciences is a prime example in the Rhône-Alpes region of innovative product development, especially in technical textiles, backed by the competitiveness cluster Techtera and its 140 member companies, 40 labs and training centers in the Lyon region.