The largest travel website in the world, TripAdvisor, has just published the results of its 6th annual Travelers’ Choice report, covering 500 cities and capitals around the world, favored by international travelers.
On the list of favorite destinations of foreign travelers in France, Lyon ranked 3rd, after Paris and Nice.
The City of Lyon has thus succeeded in moving up the ranks, from 4th position in 2013 behind Cannes.

The study reviews millions of traveler opinions submitted for each destination via the TripAdvisor website over a period of 12 months. It includes qualitative and quantitative satisfaction criteria for visitors to various establishments (restaurants, accommodations, attractions, museums, etc.) during their stay.

At the international level, the overall trends show a strong rise for Asia in the rankings (25 of the top global destinations are on this continent) but Europe, thanks to its culture, diversity of landscapes and quality of its infrastructures, remains the preferred continent of people who love to travel.

To promote the attractiveness and rich offering in the Lyon region (culture and gastronomy, economy), the ONLYLYON  program continues to expand its reach: a web campaign promoting the tourist attractions of Lyon will be launched in partnership with TripAdvisor by this summer!