The Part-Dieu district, which is home to the top decision-making and strategic centres of the city of Lyon, is undergoing redevelopment and was enlarged in 2010 with the completion of Lyon’s second tower, known as the Oxygen Tower, next to the Crédit Lyonnais Tower and the TGV station.

The district will boast a new skyline worthy of the greatest business quarters in Europe, thanks to future high-rise buildings, including the Incity Tower, currently under construction and due for delivery at the end of 2015. At the beginning of 2016, Silex 1, an 8-floor tower with 11,500 sq. metres of office space, will be delivered. This is due to be followed in 2017 by Silex 2, a 35-floor tower standing 120 metres tall. 2017 will also see the opening of the new “Sky 56” building, so-called because it will stand 56 metres high. The Two Lyon Towers, a hotel/office cluster with 95,000 sq. metres of floor space, will stand next to the railway station and be completed in 2018.

Almost 200,000 sq. metres of new or entirely refurbished offices will be put on the market within 5 years, and within 20 years, there will be 650,000 sq. metres of extra office space available for the tertiary sector, an increase of 60%.