The first edition of the Dubai Festival of Lights, which took place from 20 to 29 March, in the heart of downtown Dubai’s pedestrian district, was an occasion for the various partners of the event, including ONLYLYON, to showcase its expertise in working with contracting authorities and in organizing artistic events such as this highly successful festival.
“The Festival of Lights has contributed greatly to the renown of Lyon around the world,” explained Lionel Flasseur, head of the ONLYLYON initiative.

The total investment for the event, financed by the developer EMAAR, was €1.3 million, i.e. nearly the same as the budget for the Lyon Festival of Lights.
This first event in Dubai brought in several well-known artists who created spectacular works, such as: Le Mirage de Métropolis by Jean-Jacques Castelbajac, along with artistic flower arrangements installed on the city’s trees, with the theme Sérénade, created by Chantal Thomass, and little illuminated Eskimos by The Anookis which decorated walls in the district.

The city of Dubai plans to hold two more such festivals and hopes to attract even more visitors than the already successful first edition (the Festival of Lights is the 4th largest festive event in the world), in the spring of 2015 and 2016.
The festival was also the occasion to develop partnerships with China to create similar projects in the cities of Guangzhou pr Xi’an.
The good results of the first event will allow Lyon to continue to export its know-how to other destinations and attract global attention to its cultural heritage.