An official partnership between KPMG, the top auditing and consulting firm in France, and ONLYLYON, was signed on April 9th in Lyon, in the presence of several KPMG associates and representatives of the ONLYLYON program.
ONLYLYON welcomes its 8th private partner, a major powerhouse in its field in the Lyon area, with its headquarters for Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne, Bourgogne and Franche-Comté regions based in the heart of Lyon.
KPMG has a total of 40 offices in these regions, with more than 800 employees serving 13,000 local and international clients.
According to François Bloch, one of KPMG Lyon’s three regional directors, “The signing officializes KPMG’s strong commitment to the city of Lyon and reflects our shared values, which we mean to reinforce within the company and externally. The partnership with ONLYLYON gives further meaning to our activities and highlights our social responsibility as a major player in the local economy.”
This valuable new partnership will enable ONLYLYON to continue its international promotion of the city of Lyon.
In the past year, the various private partners of ONLYLYON have become a key asset for the program, thanks to their investments and the influence of their companies in the Rhône-Alpes region and beyond.
The ONLYLYON partners: EDF, ERDF, Sanofi, Renault Trucks, GFC Construction, Emirates, MAT’ELECTRIQUE and Sonepar business center.

The official partners of ONLYLYON are leading companies firmly established in the Lyon metropolitan area, particularly in sectors of excellence.
They have decided to become a part of ONLYLYON in order to support the promotion of the Lyon area …
Join them!