The LYON CITY DES!GN ARENA, in partnership with Greater Lyon, Rhône County and the Rhône-Alpes Region, will set up from May 15 to 17 on the banks of the Saône River (Quai Rimbaud), in the heart of the Lyon-Confluence district.

The event, organized by the association LYON CITY DES!GN, will focus on the optimization of the uses and spaces for “water in the city,” a fundamental element of nature.

While water is what made life on Earth possible, the life of people, be they nomadic or city-dwellers, has always and still now depends on preserving this precious resource, recycling and purifying it to sustain life.

Along the same lines as the Biennale du Design in Saint-Etienne, LYON CITY DES!GN is organizing several types of events:
– In even-numbered years: LYON CITY DES!GN ARENA will hold a series of conferences and debates on a specific theme of urban design; the locations will be chosen to fit the theme.
– In odd-numbered years: an expo will touch on aspects of urban design in emblematic sites. In 2013, the Hôtel Dieu site hosted the event.

LYON CITY DES!GN intends to gather all local players involved in the life of the city, spotlighting emerging urban trends in the Lyon metropolis, the city of the future.
LYON CITY DES!GN has launched the call for projects for the 2015 edition, inviting designers from all over the world to participate, with the aim of building a vision to transform our metropolitan environment … Stay tuned!