BioVision, the annual forum dedicated to development in the life sciences field, launched its registration campaign and call for applicants for its 9th edition on the 11th February – the event will take place on the 5th and 6th of June 2014 in Lyon. Immunotherapy will be one of the key themes of the new edition. The other main topic will be ‘Ageing well’, a subject which touches on health, access to healthcare, e-health and innovative technologies. In order to debate these topics, Biovision will host a number of speakers from around the world who will form a panel of high-level experts from the academic, political, private and civil society sector.

During the 2014 edition of Biovision, the 2nd edition of the Investor Conference will take place, devoted to financing innovative companies. This will bring start-ups, growing companies and medium-sized companies together with their financial and industrial partners for a series of debates and meetings. The 2nd Catalyzer conference, which is a presentation of innovative collaborative projects, will also take place. Scheduled in two sessions, this event will allow those who are trying to set up new projects to benefit from more visibility and to meet potential partners.

Applications from registered companies who wish to participate in the Catalyzer and Investor Conferences will be online from March.