The professional landscaping organisation “les Entreprises du Paysage (UNEP)”, has published a list of the greenest cities in France.  The objective is to show the importance of landscaping and environment for cities in the 21st century and to highlight the fact that urban planning should no longer simply be a choice between either concrete, or vegetation.

In order to compile the list, the organisation evaluated the 50 biggest cities in France according to 5 major criteria; green spaces open to the public, investment in green spaces, preservation of biodiversity, green waste management and the promotion of green spaces in city life.

Lyon was placed 2nd in terms of investment in green spaces, just behind Angers. Lyon achieved good average results and finished in 4th place overall behind Angers, Nantes and Limoges. The survey therefore recognised the importance given to green spaces in Lyon and the initiatives that aim to make it greener still. Such initiatives include the 2007 Banks of the Rhone redevelopment project, with its 5km green path, the Tête d’Or Park, which covers 105 hectares, and the reconversion of the old Blandan barracks into a park, thereby creating a new green space in the heart of the city.