Already active internationally, the Lyon region offers companies in the image and entertainment industry a dedicated space: The Pixel Cluster. Situated at the centre of the Grandclément area of Lyon-Villeurbanne, this site benefits from professional infrastructures and has a large selection of real estate for rent.


The Pixel Cluster hosts 74 companies in the fields of cinema, video games and animation. Amongst these is the Imaginove competitiveness cluster, which groups together and contributes to the development of projects and business in the digital sector in the Rhône-Alpes region. Its activity contributes to the region’s dynamism and to its national and international influence.

Based in Villeurbanne since 2009, the Pixel Cluster is planning to double its surface area in order to house around a hundred companies by 2017. “The goal is to develop gradually over three or four years. We want to diversify our spaces by creating places where all kinds of activity can take place, not just offices” stated Sébastien Thomas-Chaffange, Manager of the Pixel Cluster, who is aiming make it an “example for the rest of Europe to follow”.