To deal with the problem of disciplines which are too narrowly defined and isolated from one another and thus hamper students’ ability to think critically and use their imaginations, educational institutions in Lyon are finding new innovative pedagogical solutions for their students.  The National Institute for Applied Sciences (INSA), for example, has decided to test a new pedagogical method on around one hundred of its students. Some of the methods to be used include a week where students focus on a problem combining physics, chemistry and IT, a class dedicated to social issues with two  teachers, one from a scientific subject and one philosophy teacher, and the use of boxes called ‘clickers’ which allow students to interact with teachers during lectures.

INSA is not the only institution using these sorts of new practices. ESDES (Higher Institute for Economic and Social Development) produces video classes so that students can learn at their own pace. They have also connected their students to the Wespeke social network in order to learn English. The Lyon School of Management and the Ecole Centrale have created a learning lab –  a place to think about and experiment with different pedagogical methods.

Institutions in the Lyon region are therefore showing a dynamic approach in terms of pedagogical innovation and are contributing to regional dynamism in the research and education sector.