According to a study presented by FNAIM/Cécim at the end of January, companies in the Lyon region bought or rented 252,000 sq. metres of office space last year, compared with 177,420 in Barcelona, 221,730 in Amsterdam, 227,290 in Milan and 150,420 in Manchester. Lyon continues to stand out due to its    competitive rates, with an average price of €270 before tax per sq. metre, compared with €710 in Paris, €450 in Milan, €335 in Amsterdam and €400 in Manchester. On the other hand, the city has a smaller supply on offer in comparison with other cities, just 300,570 sq. metres available, compared with 884,210 sq. metres in Barcelona or more than 1.5 million sq. metres in Milan.


Amongst the biggest operations of 2013 in Lyon was the Alstom deal – the company acquired 29,100 sq. metres for their new headquarters in the Carré de Soie area, SNCF’s purchase of 22,000 sq. metres of the Incity Tower, more than half of its surface area, and the rental of 18,500 sq. metres for the new Sanofi headquarters in Gerland.