In 2013, Aderly helped 77 companies to set up or develop in the Lyon region. Over the course of three years, these companies can be expected to generate 1,825 jobs. This is Aderly’s best performance for eight years in terms of the number of companies setting up in the region, and the second best year in terms of numbers of jobs created (falling slightly below last year which saw 1,859 jobs created).

Amongst those businesses setting up in Lyon various sectors are represented, but it is companies from the service sector which dominate (27 service sector companies and nine IT companies, representing 962 jobs). Companies from the  eco-technologies and industrial sectors, priority sectors that Aderly has been concentrating its resources on recently, are the next largest categories, with 30 new set-ups and 710 jobs created. Finally, the life sciences sector is also well represented with 11 new companies generating 153 jobs.

These results contrast with what is happening across the rest of France, as the country as a whole has lost ground, but they do show that the bigger cities have the potential to perform well and Lyon is an excellent example of this.  Nonetheless, the economic downturn has had an effect on Lyon, as evidenced by certain key indicators in the results, such as a reduction in the size of projects and local investment funds.