<P align=justify>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify>In November 2013 the government created a new initiative, entitled <STRONG>&#8220;French Tech&#8221;,&nbsp; through which about ten French cities will be certified as leading urban centres in the digital field.</STRONG> This certification will allow them to benefit from greater international visibility in the digital field and potentially to receive financial aid from the State, with a budget of 215 million Euros set aside for supporting the growth of start-ups based in these areas. </P> <P align=justify><BR><STRONG>In order to obtain the certification, cities must show proof of an active tech-related ecosystem in their area.</STRONG> They must show a sufficient number of start-ups, SMEs, large groups or investors and a cluster dedicated to digital activity. </P> <P align=justify><BR>Following the announcement of this initiative,<STRONG> those involved in the digital ecosystem in Lyon set to work in order to produce the &#8220;Lyon Hub Num&#233;rique&#8221; manifesto, which has already collected 400 signatures.</STRONG> This highlights the city&#8217;s strong commitment in terms of business development, innovation, ideal conditions for developing the ecosystem and the innovative skills of its men and women. <STRONG>It was submitted on the 5th December 2013 to the Minister for Economic Recovery in charge of SMEs, Innovation and the Digital Economy, Fleur Pellerin, on the Cegid premises in Lyon. </STRONG></P> <P align=justify><BR>Lyon stands every chance of obtaining this certification. The city is the 2nd biggest hub in France in the digital sector, with 4000 businesses, 34,000 jobs and more than 1000 researchers in this field.&nbsp;&nbsp; <BR></P>