The University of Lyon was present at the Pollutec Horizons eco-technologies, energy and sustainable development trade fair on the 3rd and 6th of December 2013 in Paris, as part of the Innovative Technology for the Environment 2013 award ceremony.

Gislain Lipeme-Kouyi’s team, from the Laboratory of Civil and Environmental Engineering (in partnership with Greater Lyon) won a prize for its DSM-Flux technology, an innovation monitored and supported by Lyon Science Transfert, the University of Lyon’s development service. This technology allows overflows in the natural environment to be monitored by measuring both the volumes and the quality of flows, all combined within the same system. This innovation is a direct part of the application of the executive directive on water, which requires qualitative monitoring of storm water overflows.

The innovative solution, which is pre-calibrated and pre-equipped with captors, will soon be installed in real conditions on a storm water overflow in the Lyon urban area. For now, a prototype can be seen on the Provademse platform.