<P>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify>On June 18 in Lyon, <STRONG>seven French cities launched a &#8220;call for a new promotional policy&#8221;.</STRONG></P> <P align=justify><BR>For this occasion, <STRONG>the <A title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/compagnie-developpement-france/set-setting-up-company-development-europe-france,p,49,EN.jsp" target=_blank>economic development agencies of Lyon</A></STRONG> (Aderly), <STRONG>Bordeaux</STRONG> (Bordeaux Gironde Investissement), <STRONG>Lille</STRONG> (Lille&#8217;s agency), <STRONG>Marseille</STRONG> (Provence Promotion), <STRONG>Nantes</STRONG> (Nantes M&#233;tropole D&#233;veloppement),<STRONG> Nice</STRONG> (Team Cote d&#8217;Azur), and <STRONG>Toulouse</STRONG> (Agence de D&#233;veloppement &#233;conomique Toulouse) gathered in the <STRONG>Skyroom of the Oxyg&#232;ne Tower in the <A title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/Lyon-Part-Dieu/index,p,100040,EN.jsp" target=_blank>Lyon Part-Dieu area</A></STRONG>, in order to present their collective initiative, known as <STRONG>&#8220;Invest in French Metropolises&#8221;.</STRONG> </P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify>This collective of metropolitan agencies aims to <STRONG>strengthen the profile of French metropolitan areas in terms of their international appeal and their influence on the European and world stages</STRONG>. Whilst on a national level France might be having difficulty maintaining its appeal, the metropolitan areas concerned are experiencing greater success. </P> <P align=justify><BR>During the meeting the Managing Directors of the seven agencies (see&nbsp;picture below)&nbsp;talked about their <STRONG>desire to work together in order to offer investors and foreign businesses an alternative to the Parisian area</STRONG>. According to <A title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/implantation-projet-france/implantation-entreprise-lyon,p,48,FR.jsp" target=_blank>Jacques de Chilly, Executive Director of Aderly</A>, the agencies intend to &#8220;<EM>share good practice through seeking to complement, rather than compete with one another</EM>&#8221;.&nbsp; </P> <P align=justify><BR><STRONG>Jean-Pierre Letartre, President of <A title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/lyon-economic-news/news-ERNST-%26-YOUNG-TO-MOVE-INTO-THE-OXYGENE-TOWER,n,5503,EN.jsp" target=_blank>Ernst &amp; Young France</A>, contributed to the event with an analysis of France&#8217;s appeal</STRONG>, followed by a debate on the international pull of world cities, with testimonials from businesses such as ABB France, IBM France and Cotecna France. </P> <P align=justify><BR>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify><EM><FONT size=1>Photo &#169; J&#233;r&#244;me Michaud</FONT></EM></P>