<P><BR><STRONG>The BIO international convention in Chicago, a renowned international trade fair in the life sciences sector,</STRONG> celebrated its 20th anniversary this year from the 22nd to the 25thof April.</P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify>A delegation of <STRONG>19 businesses based in the Rh&#244;ne-Alpes region attended the event.&nbsp; They were from the life sciences sector, <A title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/Infectiologie/index,p,157,EN.jsp" target=_blank>Lyon Biop&#244;le</A>, various local authorities, including Greater Lyon, the Regional Council, and the Grenoble Alpes-M&#233;tropole area</STRONG>.</P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify><STRONG><STRONG><A title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/biotechnologie-france-europe/life-science-biotechnology-cluster-france-europe,p,6,EN.jsp" target=_blank>The Rh&#244;ne-Alpes region has once again confirmed its status as a pioneer in the health sector</A></STRONG></STRONG>. Yannick Romero, Business Development Manager for TransCure Biosciences, which specialises in anti-AIDS treatments, stated: &#8220;<EM>This was our first time at the BIO convention and we felt that it was very successful</EM> so<STRONG><EM> there is every chance that the contacts we made will lead to new partnerships</EM></STRONG>&#8221;.</P> <P align=justify><BR>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify>Each year, <STRONG>the convention offers SME&#8217;s from the sector the opportunity to meet and interact with numerous partners</STRONG> with a view to enabling future collaborations and international development.</P> <P align=justify><BR>&nbsp;</P> <P align=justify><STRONG><STRONG><A title="" href="https://www.aderly.com/biotech-agenda/index,p,100047,FR.jsp" target=_blank>Aderly&#8217;s Biotech team was also present in Chicago </A></STRONG>and met up with a number of companies from the sector</STRONG> in order to promote the Lyon area as a great place to set up business.<BR></P>